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Eye Care and Eye Treatment for the Poor and the Marginalized Sections of the Society

Klarity Eye Care and Multispecialty Clinic is a leading healthcare facility located in Lucknow, with a team of highly skilled and experienced ophthalmologists, optometrists and the support staff like ward boys and lab technicians. Klarity Eye Care and Multispecialty Hospital’s services range from routine eye check-ups to advanced eye surgeries, or specialized medical consultations. Be it treatment for cataract, glaucoma, vision therapy, dry eyes, myopia, cornea, retina and UVEA, oculoplasty, pediatric eye care, aesthetic ophthalmology, ocular oncology, optometry or ocular prosthesis, Klarity has made a name for itself for providing exceptional healthcare services with compassion, professionalism and a patient-centric approach by the hands of highly skilled and experienced doctors.

With the main motive of giving back to the society and the need to protect the eyesight of people from the poor, needy, old and marginalized sections of society, Klarity Eye Care is involved in providing eye care treatment to hundreds of patients. This activity is jointly held with an NGO Amber Foundation, which is a renowned social welfare organization working in the field of providing free eye care and treatment on charitable basis, arranging free eye check up camps for the poor, needy, old and helpless patients with eye ailments, belonging to rural and low income areas of Lucknow.

As part of this arrangement, hundreds of cataract operations have been done and treatment for glaucoma undertaken. Klarity Eye Clinic believes in giving the best possible healthcare, in this case, eye care to the patients with vision related ailment and is being seen by many as the best eye hospital in Lucknow providing best vision care services, including laser vision treatment, under one roof. Undoubtedly, Klarity is one of the best eye hospitals in Lucknow.

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